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Facebook Revamps News Feed To Work Better On Slow Mobile Connections

Facebook wants to keep up with the rapid rate at which people in emerging markets are coming online for the first time, often on slow mobile connections. On Wednesday, Facebook announced it is launching two changes to its Android mobile app with the goal of making News Feed a better experience for users with slow Internet speeds globally. […]


Facebook Glitch Invites Young People To Celebrate ’46 Years Of Friendship’

Facebook’s making some of its users feel a lot older than they really are. The social network sent automated messages Thursday inviting some users to celebrate “46 years of friendship on Facebook” with one or more of their online friends. That’s odd, since Facebook only started in 2004. And some people who got the message […]


Facebook’s Local Search Site Is “Early Test,” Company Doesn’t Seem Ready To Promote It

Facebook says its Professional Services local search site is an “early test” and, after speaking with the company, it seems they’re not like to to give it much promotion — at least not now. Facebook told me that the site has been live for “about a month,” but there have been no blog posts or […]


Good Social Media Boosts SEO Even Though Nobody Understands How

From the outside looking in, social media and SEO look like separate aspects of Internet marketing but there’s a very real connection. Identifying where one starts and the other stops is sometimes impossible. Social media’s relationship to SEO. When examining the relationship between social media and SEO, you’ll hear industry experts discuss correlation vs. causation. Does social […]

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